The Comic Guy

We had some promising chat back on forth on Happn, so we decided to meet for coffee.

I arrived first and found a quiet table, 5 minutes later he arrived. I hate to come across as shallow, but it was a classic case of ‘nice from far, far from nice’.

He was tall, incredibly shy with a few dentistry issues.

Conversation was hard work, most of which I was doing. We fell in to a few awkward silences, most of which I tried to fill, but also leaving him time and space to do so – it didn’t go well.

An hour felt like an eternity, I had a dinner date planned with the farmer that evening, so I made my excuses and left.

As is always the way under these circumstances, I got home to a text to a second date text…Best to be honest, I threw out the no spark line, but I’d like to be friends. I like to know where I stand at all times, I prefer to be treated this way.

App dating is always a gamble.

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