The Swimmer – part one

On Saturday night I found myself with tickets to a late show for the Fringe, the friend I had planned to go with was ill and all the other girls were either busy, working, ill or just not feeling it. I pulled out my phone and looked through for previously cancelled dates, I text 3, promising that the first to come back would be the one I take.

TGD – I’m in a predicament, want to help? I have tickets to an amazing show tonight, the friend I was going with is ill 😦 so I thought I’d take this opportunity to give one lucky fella the date of a lifetime 🙂

TS-  Sounds amazing, I have a family dinner but could meet you after if the show isn’t too late?

Perfect, I had planned to meet some friends for gin prior to the show, so this fitted my plans!

I got to the venue, pretty tipsy, ordered a gin for me and a beer for him. He greeted me with a kiss, tanned, tall, muscular – he came across as confident, charismatic and friendly. We laughed from the get go.

The show was great, a mix of comedy at one of Edinburgh’s most Fringe friendly venues.

We grabbed a drink afterwards, chemistry was evident. I was starving so true to myself I told him I needed sourdough toast and marmite with a cup of Earl Grey. He called a cab and we headed back to mine.

I stripped in to an old T-shirt and my knickers and set about making toast, what can I say? I know how to seduce… ha!

I took my tea, toast and him to bed. He has a swimmer’s body, huge thighs, big arms, firm pecs and he’s broad. He was wearing tight boxers that framed him perfectly.

The swimmer delivered, again and again. I love it when you stumble on someone you just have raw sexual chemistry with, like every move, motion and feeling was pre-discussed, in reality, you’re just in the moment, fitting together, you’re in a strangers head, he’s in yours. He’s another sweaty guy, 2 towels and my bed soaked – no steroids this time though! 2016 is my year of the clean sweating sportsman.

He makes the most incredible noises, a real turn on. He whispers exactly what I need to hear in my ear. He looks at my plus size body with lust, his hands feel all of me, my wobbly tummy, my child bearing hips, my full breasts – he get’s it, he’s not frightened of it and nothing is out of bounds. It’s a turn on.

At around 4am, I was ready to slip in to a post orgasmic slumber, The Swimmer said he’d call and I knew he would.

Here’s the catch, I didn’t know it at this moment, the man is 43 (not 37, as my app would have me believe). He has the Olympic rings tattooed on his arm, turns out he competed in the Olympics for his home country. The following morning I googled him and his real age became evident!

TGD – Gosh, 11 is awfully young to be competing in the Olympics!

TS – Child Prodigy!

Here’s the thing, he really reminds me of my ex boyfriend, maybe it’s the accent, or his charismatic, dreamer attitude. Or it could be the multiple orgasms…


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